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Goin' Ape Gorilla SuitThis gorilla guarantees a wild time for any party! The gorilla costume includes a full bodysuit made from a polyester and acrylic blend that ties in the back to achieve a comfortable fit. Faux ape fur covers the entire the suit, with the exception of the chest, which features a realistic gorilla chest, complete with muscles. The gloves have molded fingers that look like a gorilla's hands with fingernail details. The top side of each glove is covered in more gorilla fur. A set of boot covers with gorilla toes jutting out in front slip on over your shoes. The face of the mask features the realistic details of a gorilla molded in a foam material. Yellow teeth and gums are visible from under the gorilla's big lips and faux black fur surrounds the entire face of the mask. Large eyeholes allow for unrestricted vision. The interior of the mask is lined with foam pads for comfort and even includes additional padding that can be placed inside for the perfect fit. A strap with Velcro clasps keeps the mask secure to your face, and a thick patch of faux gorilla fur covers the back of the head. The mask is sectioned and is designed to move its mouth when you move your mouth! You'll be goin' ape all night long when you slip into this wild animal costume.

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Goin' Ape Gorilla Suit

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