Formal Green Tuxedo

Formal Green Tuxedo

Product detail Formal Green Tuxedo

Formal Green TuxedoGet a sophisticated look in full color with a formal green tuxedo. This high quality suit is made of 100% polyester and includes a vest, bow tie, ruffled shirt, pants with an elastic waist, and jacket with an inside pocket. Be even more bold when you add a green cane, shoes, and top hat! What ever event you are celebrating, a colorful tuxedo will make it more fun. </b>*Please note that pants come unhemmed.

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Formal Green Tuxedo

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Deluxe Yellow Formal Tuxedo

Deluxe Yellow Formal Tuxedo Be a ray of sunshine at your next formal event in our formal yellow tuxedo suit. This men's tux is sure to stand out in a sea of black tuxedos and is great for all kinds of special occasions. Pair this tux with our matching yellow shoes and cane for the total package! </b>*Please note that pants come unhemmed.

Formal Green Tuxedo

Formal Green Tuxedo Get a sophisticated look in full color with a formal green tuxedo. This high quality suit is made of 100% polyester and includes a vest, bow tie, ruffled shirt, pants with an elastic waist, and jacket with an inside pocket. Be even more bold when you add a green cane, shoes, and top hat! What ever event you are celebrating, a colorful tuxedo will make it more fun. </b>*Please note that pants come unhemmed.

Formal Red Tuxedo

Formal Red Tuxedo Look festive for the 4th of July, Valentines Day, Christmas and more with a formal red tuxedo! You'll be sure to impress at your next formal event when you add matching accessories like our red cane, shoes and top hat to your mens tux! </b>*Please note that pants come unhemmed.

Plum Purple Deluxe Tuxedo

Plum Purple Deluxe Tuxedo Your date's dress may be dazzling, but in this formal purple tuxedo suit you're sure to receive just as many compliments! Great for prom, weddings, Mardi Gras and more our purple tux is a unique and bold choice for formal events. Add our purple shoes, top hat and cane for an especially dramatic look! </b>*Please note that pants come unhemmed.

Deluxe Pink Mens Tuxedo

Deluxe Pink Mens Tuxedo Did you know that pink was originally thought to be a color too strong for women? Wear this perfectly pink tuxedo to your next formal event to make a bold and masculine statement. Match this tuxedo with our pink shoes, top hat and cane for a classy look that will definitely get you noticed. </b>*Please note that pants come unhemmed.

Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Costume

Dumb and Dumber Lloyd Costume You can become a funny character form the movies in this funny adult costume. This licensed costume includes a tuxedo jacket, pants, hat, dickey, cummerbund, and satin bow tie. The jacket Velcros close in the front and features ruffled false sleeves. The pocket flaps feature orange ribbon at the top. The jacket flaps also have an orange ribbon accent. The jacket collar is satin. The dickey is white and features orange trimmed white ruffles. The pants feature the same ribbon accent and have an elastic waistband. The cummerbund is made of satin-like material and has a white elastic band attached to the back. The base of the hat has an orange piece of satin loosely attached. The bow tie is made of satin material and an elastic band is attached. Add our orange tuxedo shoes and cane to complete this costume!

Dumb and Dumber Harry Costume

Dumb and Dumber Harry Costume Bring back the funny duo from Dumb and Dumber in this funny blue Harry costume. The light blue tuxedo jacket velcros at the waist. It also has attached white dress sleeves at the wrists that hang out from the bottom of the tuxedo sleeves. The collared white dicky has white ruffles with blue trim down the front. The matching blue tuxedo pants have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit. Also included is a light blue bow tie with an elastic band back, a matching blue top hat, and a light blue cummerbund with an elastic band back. Don't forget to partner up with our Lloyd costume!

Yellow Tuxedo Cane

Yellow Tuxedo Cane Go yellow! Measures thirty-six inches, is made of wood, and matches our yellow tuxedo perfectly. The ends are tipped with white rubber so that it can stand up to a night on the town. Be a bright yellow fellow this Halloween or Mardi Gras with this yellow cane.

Deluxe Green Top Hat

Deluxe Green Top Hat Top off your green tuxedo with this deluxe green top hat! You'll be ready to celebrate in style on St. Patrick's Day, at prom or any other special occasion.

Green Tuxedo Cane

Green Tuxedo Cane Your formal green tuxedo will look especially polished with the addition of a green tuxedo cane. This wooden cane has white rubber ends and perfectly matches our green tuxedos. Great proms, weddings or any formal event.

Formal White Cane

Formal White Cane

Mens Pink Tuxedo Shoes

Mens Pink Tuxedo Shoes Impress everyone at your next formal event when you wear these mens pink tuxedo shoes with your pink tux. These pink tuxedo shoes have genuine leather lining and come with pink laces. The exterior is composed of a durable pink polyurethane and the sole is made of black rubber. Add a pair of pink socks, a pink hat and a pink walking cane and you'll be ready to go!

Formal Green Tuxedo Shoes

Formal Green Tuxedo Shoes

Wizard of Oz Top Hat

Wizard of Oz Top Hat This durable, dashing black top hat makes for the perfect accomplice to a Wizard of Oz or Munchkin costume. This full figured hat has a special sheen and a black ribbon fitted around the crown. Add this accessory to create authenticity to your Wizard of Oz costumes.

Red Gangster Shoes

Red Gangster Shoes These stylish red shoes are great for any of our Gangster or Zoot Suit costumes. The outside of the shoe is made of vinyl while the inside is lined with leather for maximum comfort. Matching red laces and rubber soles make these shoes perfect with our gangster costumes. See other gangster accessories for a gangster hat and tommy gun.

Baby Blue Dress Socks

Baby Blue Dress Socks Finish off your Lloyd Christmas Dumb and Dumber look or blue tuxedo with these crisp Baby Blue Dress Socks. These socks are a fun accessory and show off your personality. Add our tuxedo shoes, cane, and top hat to match these socks perfectly! You'll have a superior tuxedo look with our tux costumes and accessories.

Red Tuxedo Socks

Red Tuxedo Socks Match these bright red socks with our bright red tuxedo for prom or Halloween. These flame-red bright colored, cotton / poly blend dress socks are one size fits most adults. They are perfect for devil costumes, red tuxedos, zoot suits, and more. Think of these red dress socks at Christmas time too - they're great for Santa Claus and elves.

Orange Costume Cane

Orange Costume Cane Add a touch of class and personality to your bright colored tuxedo or costume with this Orange Costume Cane. The walking cane features rubber stoppers on both ends for added durability. You'll look just like Lloyd and Harry from the Dumb and Dumber movie with this bright cane. Check out our other colorful canes to complete your personalized look!

Blue Cane

Blue Cane Add this blue cane to our deluxe baby blue tuxedo for a complete look that is sure to get you noticed. This blue cane is made of wood and matches our tuxedo perfectly. The ends are tipped with white rubber so that it can stand up to a night on the town. Great for completing your Dumb and Dumber costume! See our other canes and tuxedo accessories.

Orange Tux Shoes

Orange Tux Shoes Add the finishing touch to your Lloyd Christmas tuxedo costume with these Orange Tux Shoes. These adult shoes have a polyurethane exterior and a soft leather lining. The soles are made of black rubber. The shoe is complete with a matching pair of orange shoe laces. You'll be ready for the prom, a formal event or Halloween with these outstanding shoes. See our other fun and colorful tuxedo costume accessories.

Baby Blue Tux Shoes

Baby Blue Tux Shoes Create a buzz at your prom or next formal event with these classy Baby Blue Tux Shoes for men. The shoes come complete with a pair of matching blue shoe laces and have a polyurethane exterior. They have a soft leather lining and the soles are made of black rubber. Look great from head to toe and express your personality with these tuxedo shoes. Add our classy tux accessories, like a cane and top hat, to your look!

Orange Dress Socks

Orange Dress Socks Look stylish from head to toe with these Orange Dress Socks. A fun and flashy addition to any of our brightly colored tuxedoes or a Lloyd Christmas Dumb and Dumber costume. See our entire selection of tuxedo accessories for a classy cane, top hat, and shoes!

Pink Dress Socks

Pink Dress Socks Match these pink socks with our pink tuxedo and accessories for a flashy tuxedo look. These light pink cotton / poly blend socks are one-size-fits-most men's dress socks. They are the perfect accessory for our pink men's tuxedos and other funny Halloween costumes. See our tuxedo accessories, like top hats, canes, and dress shoes.

Men's White Tuxedo Socks

Men's White Tuxedo Socks Add these Men's White Tuxedo Socks to our white or bright colored tuxedo costumes this Halloween. The white dress socks are made of a cotton/poly blend and come in one size to fit most adults. These socks are a great way to accessorize any costume or tuxedo. Browse our Tuxedo accessories to add a stylish cane and top hat to your look!

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